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Being in the car restoration business for quite a few years, the team at CCR Technologie acquired skill and experience unequalled here in Quebec. CCR Technologie is now renowned for the excellence of its work.

Many cars that were restored at CCR Technologie found themselves on winner lists: First Place in their respective category, Best of Show or First Choice of renowned sponsors at big car shows in Canada and the United States not to mention some as prestigious as First Place at Hershey's Junior, Senior and Preservation as well as First Place and People's Choice among the ISCA international organization. As a matter of fact, CCR Technologie was the first in Quebec to have a car entered as a "Ridler Contender" at the famous Detroit Autorama ISCA car show.

Our philosophy

At CCR Technologie, we believe that choosing an enterprise where they can go through all the steps of restoration under the same roof is a lot more profitable. It is obvious that if the car does not have to be moved from one place to another for disassembling, body work, painting, mechanic, upholstery and reassembling, you will save time and money for transportation not to mention the risk of damage when moving it.

That is why we made sure to be able to offer you all those services within our facilities.

Our facilities

Located at 15 minutes south of Montreal, CCR Technologie is very easy to find and reach. On a surface of 3800 square feet, the space and the outstanding tidiness of our workshop will pleasantly surprise you. Besides a paint shop, a body shop, a repair shop and a storage room for all the parts during restoration process, a separate dust free room is exclusively assigned to reassemble the cars for final restoration step. No matter how big your project is, we have the appropriate facilities to achieve it.

Using the adequate equipment, makes our work easier, faster and more efficient. Besides a "barbecue" to facilitate the body work, we have all the equipement required to create and build entirely our own parts if we have to.

In fact, CCR Technologie is your best choice for all your needs in car restoration.

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday:
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300 St-François-Xavier,Suite 203. Delson, Qc, Ca, J5B 1Y1
Tel: (450) 638 8424
Toll free: +1 866 638 8424
FAX: (450) 638-8435